About the movement

What is the End Diabetes movement?
Now is the time to end diabetes. End diabetes is our rallying cry to end the terrible health impacts of diabetes as well as the shame, blame, stigma and misinformation that surround it. Ultimately, it’s time to end diabetes altogether with a cure.

The movement was created as a way to engage and encourage every Canadian, especially those currently outside of the diabetes community, to join us and take action to end the diabetes epidemic in Canada.

You will see Diabetes Canada and End Diabetes in everything we do. They are the two engines to drive awareness, action, and impact as we take collective aim at this disease.

Diabetes Canada and End Diabetes. Two simple phrases. Two powerful ways to help Canadians live as they need and deserve.

The time is now
With every discovery, we get closer to a cure. In fact, we’re closer than ever. But closer isn’t good enough. 1 in 3 of us live with diabetes or prediabetes. And every 3 minutes another Canadian will be diagnosed. We need to work faster and we need to keep going until everyone we love is safe. 

Canada is home to the discovery of insulin
Canada is where the treatment of diabetes was forever changed. And Canada is where it will end once and for all. We’ll do it by keeping our best researchers working around the clock in the relentless pursuit of a cure. Together, we will do away with the complications, the needles, the fear of the pain. Together, we will.

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